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A story about two brothers..

Focus, mind, Mindset - Anik - October 9, 2012

Ever heard of the term “abundance?” Let me explain to you MY TAKE. (Live from India) What do you think? Do you…

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My Take on the ‘Law of Attraction” – Is It Mumbo Jumbo?

Dream board, Law of Attraction, Mindset - Anik - October 7, 2012

Ok, no no…it’s NOT “mumbo jumbo.” But, honestly – the way SOME people teach it – they make it sound like some…

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Today’s Lesson… A Little Thing Called “FOCUS”

Focus, Mindset, Motivation, rant - Anik - October 6, 2012

BEFORE you ignore today’s “advice” by thinking it’s cliche B.S. – you NEED to watch this video below. This one word “Focus”…

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